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SORA was started to offer a learning environment that supports Japanese children in achieving the same level of education that they would in Japan while they are overseas here in America. We are a school that will support your child whether they are just beginning or looking to improve their Japanese. In other words, we will help them regardless of their current Japanese language ability. Yet, we do not believe in sticking together many students, regardless of the child's age or grade level, together in one class with one teacher.

SORA Japanese Classes

Our curriculum is individualized to each student's personality and educational goals. We offer a variety of programs from preschooler to high school students at all levels. » SORA Japanese Class Introduction


Our new program takes advantage of that crucial age in a child's development to lay a lifetime foundation in Japanese.
(next page is in Japanese). » そらくんのにほんご幼稚園 クラス案内

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